MMI 2024 Food Vendor

MMI 2024 Food Vendor

Precio habitual
$2,555.00 donación. Ayude a apoyar nuestras iniciativas.
Precio de oferta
$2,555.00 donation. Help support our initiatives.
Precio unitario

Plant Based /Vegan / Raw Vegan ONLY


*Electricity Add-ons available: Contact us to specify your electrical capacity requirements
**Insurance and Permits Required: After payment is completed, please email a copy to:


  • Your food truck is required to be inspected by the health department at least (6) months prior to our event.
  • This is a 100% Plant based vegan festival. THERE IS TO BE NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS IN ANY INGREDIENTS All ingredients MUST be displayed at the event. If you have a non-vegan menu, you will be asked to leave the festival. 
  • Additional Health Department fees will apply. 
  • Only composable packaging will be approved for this event. At check-in if you are using single use plastic or Styrofoam, you will be asked to provide proof of composable packaging in order to be open for business.
  • If you have any questions before purchasing your space, please email us with any items you may not be sure fits in this criteria. Thank you for your understanding!
  • If you have not yet filled out an application please do so after paying.

Contact DisclosureFest™ Foundation Vendor coordinator

  • There are no refunds after the Deadline.
  • If you are observed with merchandise containing animal products or illicit substances you will be asked to remove these items from your display. You may also be asked to leave. Contracts will be made available after the deadline.
  • Set up for food trucks start at 6:00am on June 18, 2022. You must be ready and open for business by 9:30am.
  • Day of the event, you are free to stay open past dark, but please be sure to order electricity and bring lights/lighting.
CANCELLATION POLICY: 50% of full payment will be returned up to 60 days before the event. 30% of full payment will be returned 30-60 days before the event. After 30 days before the event there are no refunds. All cancellations must be submitted in writing. This is a ‘Rain or Shine’ event. However, in the event of cancellation due to an unforeseen circumstance, natural disaster or ‘act of god’, contracts are FULLY-Refundable. Or transferable to a different DisclosureFest Foundation event.