DisclosureFest and The Mass Meditation Initiative - Saturday, June 19, 2021
DisclosureFest and The Mass Meditation Initiative - Saturday, June 19, 2021

DisclosureFest and The Mass Meditation Initiative - Saturday, June 19, 2021

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$200.00 donation. Help support our initiatives.
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$200.00 donation. Help support our initiatives.
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  • LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE! Children under 12- $11.11
    Only children under 12. If you are an adult and purchase a children's ticket it will not be honored.
  • SOLD OUT General admission - $ 70 
  • SOLD OUT General admission with DisclosureFest Foundation T-Shirt - $98
  • SOLD OUT General admission with DisclosureFest Foundation cap, drawstring bag, and Crystal infused activation line tee - $122
  • SOLD OUT Twilight CE5 + General Admission - $200
    This after-hours CE5 event will be limited to first come first serve ticket availability.  Together we will be holding space to make contact with our star family. With a new way of using radio frequencies our beloved brother, Mark Sims will be taking us on a meditation journey to manifest positive ET contact.

    CE5 Pre-Contact Sound and Sensory Heart Activation w/ Avatara Alchemy
    Join us as Avatara prepares our hearts and souls for peaceful contact with dear one Mark Sims and his CE5 protocol. We will be grounding in and going deep into the heart center to expand our electromagnetic field emanating from our divine core. From this space we will make our heart centered intentions for peaceful & protected contact with all forms of benevolent emesaries, ET's, and interdimensionals across all facets of timespace. During our brief meditation you will be bathed in 432hz sound via gem infused Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Native Flute, and more to assist in tuning the field and creating vibrations of love compassion and gratitude.

    Since the transmission for the Mass Meditation this year is to have children on stage to participate in leading the meditation, take a moment register your child to be part of the global meditation on stage at 2:00pm. A children’s ticket is needed to participate. Register Now

  • Parking passes/Shuttle - We will have a free shuttle service for you. Shuttles will be picking up and dropping off every 15 minutes. Ticket holders will receive an email with all of this important information leading up to the event. Shuttle pick up locations will be sent prior to the event to ticket holders with plenty of time to make your travel plans.

  • Free ticket scholarship - We offered limited free tickets to those really struggling. Scholarship tickets have already been awarded to those recipients.

DisclosureFest Foundation presents

The Mass Meditation Initiative

A mindful, yoga, music, healing arts and Vegan Festival

Reconnecting our hearts and healing all time lines...

Summer Solstice
June 19, 2021

New location Chatsworth, CA
8 stages

Lineup announcements coming very soon!!!

Featured Special guest music and DJ’s
A Children’s Mass Meditation
Sound healing
Ecstatic dance
Conscious Workshops
Children space
Indigenous Sacred Ceremonies
Visionary Art Activation
Private CE5 twilight event
Conscious Vendors
Tea & Crystal Lounge
Vegan food trucks
QR code to the website
Limited capacity register now

Phase one Line up announcement coming soon!

DisclosureFest Foundation is proud to announce that we are offering our Mass Meditation Initiative this year on June, 19th, 2021 summer solstice. We have found some magical private land with an event permit. We are bringing together our community in a safe and conscious/mindful way. Remembering that it is now time to reconnect to our hearts and heal all timelines.

Because this event is now going to be limited capacity,  this event will sell out, we are not able to have our normal free ticket options as we have in the past. We are instead offering scholarships to people who are having a hard time and can’t afford a ticket. The scholarship ticket is very limited and there will be an approval process. Please remember we are still fundraising for all our DisclosureFest initiatives and have been struggling to keep our initiatives going during this new planetary reality. All the proceeds from these tickets will directly fund these important community initiatives. Learn more at disclosurefest.org/about

We have put together an incredible lineup and are activating over eight stages for you.

More details to come, please stay tuned! Looking forward to creating a safe and fun environment and connecting with our loving community!

    Featured visionary artist for 2021 is: Josephine Wall


    We apologize we are not able accommodate the free tickets and donation tickets from our 2020 MMI that did not happen due to COVID because of its limited capacity on this land. You are guaranteed admission as promised when we move the full festival back to the park soon.