Stairway To The Stars 3 Day Pass

Stairway To The Stars 3 Day Pass

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$333.00 donation. Help support our initiatives.
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3-Day pass with access to our night club The Velvet Room

This Donation gets you into all talks and workshops, all three days November 10, 11 & 12. With access to our nightclub 9:00 pm -2:00 am, the Velvet Room, all three nights - Seating for all talks and workshops is first come, first served. This pass also gets you into both of our grand exhibit halls, The Egyptian and The Lotus Exhibit halls, with over 150 exhibitors.

For any questions or concerns call 818-996-8032 or email


All tickets donations are non refundable. Terms and Conditions


The Do-Gooder 3 day Pass donation Ticket

The Do-Gooder ticket is a Discount ticket at the donation of $288 created to spread good deeds throughout our communities for the beautification of our neighborhoods and our planet, Mother Gia. This code can be earned by spending a few hours on one day of your choosing picking up trash in a local neighborhood, or on a hike, at a park, beach, river, or anywhere the natural environment is impacted by litter. This activity can be done SOULy or alongside a group of no more than 5 (five) members of your chosen family members.

How to Participate:

  • First step is to like and follow @Disclosurefest on Instagram and/or Facebook.
  • Next, post a minimum of (10)Ten pictures of your clean-up on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Post must include:

  • At least (4)Four before pictures of the space you are spending time beautifying and at least (6)Six after photos that include the angel(s) that cleaned as well as the bags of trash they gathered. *More picture are not required, but very encouraged.* POST YOUR CLEAN UP ON INSTAGRAM Tag @disclosurefest •The hashtags #DFDOGOODER, #DISCLOSUREFEST and #TRASHTAG as well as the location of your good-doings **please use the "add location" option to share the location of the trash pick-up sight so others visiting can become inspired by how you helped**
  • Pictures must also be emailed to -You will be notified if you qualify to receive a discount code for you and/or your group through email.

***We are requesting proof of at least (2) Two 30 to 40 gallon bag of trash per each person participating, as well as the location the cleanup took place. Your home garbage does not count. An actual effort to help restore and clean an outside, public area/location or in nature, is the only way to receive this donation discount ticket.**

**** Disclaimer****
All cleanup activities involve inherent risks of harm and/or personal injury. By participating in the cleanup you are personally assuming all such risks. DisclosureFest™ Foundation bears no liability nor responsibility for any harm or injuries as a result of your participation.