Stairway To The Stars Area 51 (Discounted)

Stairway To The Stars Area 51 (Discounted)

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$111.00 donation. Help support our initiatives.
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Join us for our Area 51 Meteor shower and sky watch Fundraiser! Discounted Ticket, because you’ve already done so much for DisclosureFest Foundation

Did you know we are bringing our Feed our Souls and Star Seed Initiatives to Las Vegas?  Yes, on November 9th and November 7th, we’ll be feeding 1,000 home-free families in the tunnels under the strip with meals, and other essentials. We already have a 2024 calendar shaping up for these initiatives to be hosted throughout the year…Hosting our community initiatives is very costly, and we truly need your support. Please support us by buying a ticket at a discounted rate.

For any questions or concerns call 818-996-8032 or email


“Area 51” Night Sky Watch & Meteor Shower only Ticket

This Donation gets you onboard 1 of 4 buses taking us 2.5 hours away to Rachell, NV, a few miles from the infamous Area 51 airspace gates. Each bus will have a different host talking about Area 51’s history, personal stories, and a surprise announcement. And a different host for the way back to The Luxor! We will be filming multiple angles in the sky with 3rd generation + Military night vision, high definition to give you the best possible sky watch experience. Keep in mind that November is also meteor shower month. Elizabeth April will lead us in a meditation ceremony to kick things off. Let’s make CONTACT!

Buses start loading at approx. At 5 pm on 11/11, we should return to the Luxor Hotel by 1:00 am or sooner.

There will be no laser pointers permitted during the sky watch since we will be in Area 51 Airspace.

Food and beverages will be available to purchase at the site.

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All tickets donations are non refundable. Terms and Conditions