The Mass Meditation Initiative 2022
The Mass Meditation Initiative 2022

The Mass Meditation Initiative 2022

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$55.00 donation. Help support our initiatives.
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$55.00 donation. Help support our initiatives.
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Join us after DisclosureFest for our
OFFICIAL AFTER PORTAL @10pm (click here)

Ticket descriptions for The Mass Meditation Initiative

Children 12 & younger are free
Must be accompanied by an parent for guardian with a ticket.

Community Ticket $55 donation
General admission ticket.

Community Ticket + Time Traveler's Pass $77 donation
Why wait in line when you can travel through time? With the Time Traveler's Pass, you are no longer bound to the hands of time by waiting in long lines. Do more, be more, and see more when the ease of entry and eating are on your side!  With this donation, you are granted fast-pass access into the festival as well as to our food trucks. (skips the long, regular lines)  If you already have a ticket to the event and want to purchase the time traveler's pass only, go here.

VIB (Very Involved Being) Ticket $111 donation
This ticket donation includes:

  • One(1) Mass Meditation Initiative 2022 event T-Shirt
  • Time Traveler's Pass which allows you to avoid the long line to get in, as well as the ability to cruise past the line at any of our food trucks.

Guardian Angel $1111 donation
(80% of this ticket funds The Feed our Souls Initiative) 
Each ticket donation will Feed 150 home-free people in Los Angeles.

This ticket donation tier includes:

  • A green room experience with all-day food and beverage where those who donate can meet their favorite artists and receive a healing offering such as massage or energy work from our healing staff.
  • One(1) Mass Meditation Initiative 2022 event T-Shirt.
  • Time Traveler's Pass which allows you to avoid the long line to get in, as well as the ability to cruise past the line at any of our food trucks.
  • And free entry to any DisclosureFest Foundation event of their choosing throughout the year (Does not include the Mass Meditation Initiative 2023 and expires 360 days after the event)

The Do-Gooder Ticket
The Do-Gooder ticket is a Discount ticket at the donation of $33 created to spread good deeds throughout our communities for the beautification of our neighborhoods and our planet, Mother Gia. This code can be earned by spending a few hours on one day of your choosing picking up trash in a local neighborhood, or on a hike, at a park, beach, river, or anywhere the natural environment is impacted by litter. This activity can be done SOULy or alongside a group of no more than 5(five) members of your chosen or given family members.

How to Participate:

  • First step is to like and follow @Disclosurefest on InstaGram and/or FaceBook.
  • Next, post a minimum of (4)four pictures of your clean-up on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Post must include:

  • At least (2)two before pictures of the space you are spending time beautifying and at least (2)two after photos that include the angel(s) that cleaned as well as the bags of trash they gathered. *More picture are not required, but encouraged.*
  • The hashtags #DFDOGOODER, #DISCLOSUREFEST and #TRASHTAG as well as the location of your good-doings **please use the "add location" option to share the location of the trash pick-up sight so others visiting can become inspired by how you helped**
  • Pictures must also be emailed to -You will be notified if you qualify to receive a discount code for you and/or your group through email.

    ***We are requesting proof of at least one 30 to 40 gallon bag of trash per each person participating, as well as the location the cleanup took place. Your home garbage does not count. An actual effort to help restore and clean an outside, public area/location in nature, is the only way to receive this donation ticket.**

    **** Disclaimer****
    All cleanup activities involve inherent risks of harm and/or personal injury. By participating in the cleanup you are personally assuming all such risks. DisclosureFest™ Foundation bears no liability nor responsibility for any harm or injuries as a result of your participation.

Scholarship Ticket
This will be a limited run of no-cost tickets for people that are having a difficult time financially.
To enter for a chance to be selected, send a letter to requesting a Scholarship Ticket and explain in detail why you are in need and how you can benefit from being at the Mass Meditation Initiative.
You will be notified after May 24th, 2022 if you qualify.
Please keep in mind that this will be a limited run of tickets and that this show may sell out prior to being notified.


Terms and Conditions


Hello star family!

As you already know, our world has shifted in the ways in which we gather, communicate, and do business. This alteration to normality has affected how organizations operate and generate abundance and our own DisclosureFest Foundation has not been immune to this transition. This is why we have decided to move away from being a free event to a primarily donation ticket tiered event. This move will ensure that we can continue to keep our important initiatives going, to provide for our communities, and to produce a heart-centered quality experience that you've grown to love.

When DisclosureFest Foundation was born our founder, Adrian, received a strong directive from spirit to have the Mass Meditation Initiative be and remain a non-ticketed event. Spirit was very clear to him that this was to be a healing experience for all, creating a space where those who felt called to support could donate based on their own energetic guidance and ability. 

Adrian truly trusted and surrendered to the will of Spirit without fully understanding what that message meant. That was until our 2019 Mass Meditation Initiative where he was informed that a great number of attendees returned to the front entrance, filled with gratitude, and donated. He was also told that those donors gave freely from their hearts with the sentiment of not being able to remain in such a beautiful event for free.

It was then in December of 2021 where spirit once again came through to Adrian with a very clear message that now is the time to create the sustainability of abundance to support our communities through our initiatives.

As most of you are aware, DisclosureFest Foundation's largest contribution is through our initiatives that are intended to heal the collective and our planet. These programs include: Feed our Souls, our StarSeeds, the Clean Air initiative, Beach and River Clean-ups, our Every Elder involvement, and the Mass Meditation initiative. 

This means that each ticket sold to our upcoming event contributes directly to a person being fed, a tree being planted, a waterway being restored, a child being educated, and an elder feeling love and connection. 

We hope that you will keep these initiatives in your thoughts and share in the joy of making a difference with us when you make your ticket donation.

It warms our hearts when we see the love and energy that you collectively bring to our events. We invite you to share in our vision of picking up the pieces of the past and co-creating the world that we want to live in together. We all are in witness to a fresh start to manifest a world filled with love, abundance, and compassion for all, while also remembering who we are as a collective consciousness and we cannot wait to welcome you to the summer solstice portal we've built together.

With love and gratitude,

DisclsoureFest Foundation